Friday, March 12, 2010

Free to a good home - Refrigerator

The Ad:

Date: 2010-03-11, 11:23PM CST
Reply to:

free refrigerator to a good home (works just fine!!) for personal use ONLY - I dont want no resellers getting to this guy

will need to be cleaned out (by you - NOT me) due to my power being shut off in November and it has not been used since then (but i forgot to take food out)

ALso you will need to pick this up during daytime hours as i have NO power/lights

My Snarky Comments:

Normally to get a fine appliance in this condition, one would have to go through the effort of traveling to New Orleans to pull one out of a tree. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

Note to all you evil resellers out there. HANDS OFF. No way you should dare profit for hauling away this five foot E. Coli factory and investing in all the napalm needed to get the thousand island stench out of it.

I find it amazing that you forgot you had all this food since you appear to be the kind of fellow that often suffers from the munchies.

You know, maybe if you cleaned it up yourself and sold it instead of giving it away for free, maybe you could make enough money to pay your back electric bill. Just a thought.

Also, run spell check.

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