Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free holy Hip Hop (Louisville)

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Date: 2010-03-16, 5:44AM EDT
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u need some free holy hip hop just let me know, i can mail u some cds for u and your youth, leave me a message, give me your address or your church address and ill send sum cds asap wanna hear sum music 1st go to or 

My Snarky Comments:
I'd like to make a public apology.

For years, I've publicly claimed on several occasions that the single lamest phenomenon in pop culture is Christian rock. I'd like to formally apologize to the world of Christian rock.

The lamest phenomenon in pop culture is Christian hip hop.

What sounds more pathetically ridiculous to you...some heavenly headbangers jammin' for Jesus or a sin-dicate of streetwise gangsters looking to pop a cap in Satan's ass?

After absolutely no research, here's a list of the top ten made up religious rap albums and their artists...

  1. Water into Rhyme by The Notorious J.O.B.
  2. Straight Outta Jerusalem by JewPac
  3. The Flesh is Weak by DJ Jesus H. and the D-sciples
  4. Delilah was a Hoe by Queen Bathsheba
  5. Da Lions Den by Lazzurus
  6. Commandment 11 by Christ-T
  7. Rap-tism by Choir Boyz in the Hood
  8. Azhes 2 Azhes, Bust 2 Bust by Da Rezzurekshun
  9. Thou Shalt not Grill by Savior Save
  10. Thirddy Piezes of Silvah by MC 900ft Jesus

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